SLFA-EDC Programs

The Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord is pleased to be a part of the following programs that will greatly benefit the region:

Sioux Lookout Mining Centre of Excellence

The Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord has partnered with Northern College to provide mobile trades training programs including construction, welding, and multi-trades. The partnership also supports workforce development in the mining sector including an array of training.

Announced on May 26, 2021, the Sioux Lookout Mining Centre of Excellence began with nine impressive mining company partnerships. The programs offered will provide financial support, training opportunities, and jobs to the region.

All participants must complete the two week Future Focused: Work and Job Readiness program before moving onto other programs. For more information on applying visit the Northern College website at (insert link)

Springpole Working Committee

On November 13, 2015, First Mining Gold (First Mining) completed the acquisition of Gold Canyon Resources Inc., which wholly owns the Springpole Gold Project. The Springpole Gold Project will have an impact on several First Nations included in the Sioux Lookout Friendship Accord; therefore, it is vital that proper consultation be completed.

The Springpole Working Committee is an advisory committee consisting of a diverse collection of resources and expertise. The formation of the Committee is intended to foster a transparent and structured process for sharing information in reviewing and participating in the Springpole Project. The consultation process will focus on environmental sustainability and stewardship as well as the socio-economic impacts of the project. Above all, the Committee will ensure that possible impacts on the First Nations are considered during all phases of the project.